Welcome to House of Messiah

Where we are reaching communities and nations with the gospel through following the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ who loved all people without discrimination healing, preaching, teaching and delivering all the oppressed. The love of God is demonstrated by love for humanity and when we say we love, we reach out to help. For the summary of all the commandments is Love God with all our heart, our entire mind and all our strength and our neighbors as our self.

As we reach the world with the love of God following the steps of Jesus through preaching, teaching and healing. Join us in establishing schools, hospitals, good networking and improving the lives of humanity by the word of God.

Whatever you can do, however you can do it big or small will be highly appreciated. Most importantly there is a reward from the master that we cannot see. Be a part of the team and God will reward you abundantly in accordance with his word. I will do exceedingly and abundantly beyond what you can think or ask for (Ephesian 3:20).

God Bless You.