Children trust by nature. They trust us, the adults and through this they are able to grow in trusting God. Misleading any of them is suicidal and God does not like it. That was why Jesus warned His disciples that anyone who turns any of these little ones away from trusting Him will receive severe punishment Matthew 19:6. In Matthew 18 Jesus outlined three ways adults can commit this sin and invariably cause young ones or young in faith from trusting God.

  1. Don’t tempt them – Matthew 18:7-9
  2. Don’t neglect them – Matthew 18: 10-14
  3. Don’t teach them false doctrine – Matthew 18:15-26

Our major assignment is to help young ones or young in faith to avoid anything or anyone who could cause them to stumble in their trust in God and cause them to sin. Please don’t take it lightly the spiritual education and teaching of these young ones in Christ.


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