Vaginal Prolapse & Recurrent Urinary Infections

Vaginal prolapse is a condition where the bladder, urethra, rectum, or uterus bulges into the vagina. Women with this problem may feel like there is something falling out of the vagina while others sense increased pelvic pressure. The bulging or dropped organs may make it difficult to empty the bladder or the rectum and engage in vaginal intercourse.

The loss of support by the vaginal muscles causes pelvic organs to prolapse. This weakening of the vagina is associated with multiple or difficult childbirth, however, smoking, obesity, aging, menopause, chronic constipation, genetic predisposition, lung disease, and chronic lifting can also be contributory factors. Prolapse can be treated with surgery or by fitting the vagina with a device called a vaginal pessary. Newer techniques and less invasive approaches have greatly improved the number of successful outcomes for women with these problems.

Recurrent urinary infections afflict many, many women and may be due to anatomical problems, menopause, or improper voiding habits. Often, there are simple solutions to correct this bothersome problem.